Frequently Asked Questions

Does bcachefs support ACL/xattrs ?

Yes it supports both ACL and xattrs.

Do I have to reformat my bcache drive to use the new bcachefs ?

To use the caching device (cdev) with the new bcachefs, you will need to reformat it. In principle this should not be a problem, as they can be removed from a backing device (bdev/bcache).

If you wish to reuse the backing device (bdev/bcache), you can't this is nolonger an option.

If you wish to use bcachefs as a filesystem you will have to format the backing device (bdev/bcache) with the new filesystem.

Does bcachefs still have the bcache caching functionality of block devices ?


Where do I obtain statically linked bcachefs-tool (for use in initramfs) ?

You can either compile them yourself from source, or refer to your distribution on how to obtain a statically linked set.

About: Statically linked programs have all the required dependencies compiled in. As such, they require no external libraries at runtime. This does however increase the size of the binary.

What is liburcu ?

userspace RCU (read-copy-update) library

I get the error "tools-util.c:16:19: fatal error: blkid.h: No such file or directory":

You might need to add EXTRA_CFLAGS="-l/usr/include/blkid/" or where-ever your OS stores the blkid.h file.