Build the bcachefs-tools

Firt run the following command to download the bcachefs-tools.

git clone

This will create a direcorty bcachefs-tools. In this direcorty you will find a file named INSTALL. This file contains the depencies and some instructions.

To instal run as root:

make && make install

Build the bcachefs-tools statically linked.

NOTE: Does not appear to work yet.

Follow the steps above. But run the following command instead.

CFLAGS="-static "LDFLAGS="-static" make

Please take note that you also need a static version installed of all required libraries.

Build the bcachefs-kernel branch.

Firt run the following command to download a kernel branch with the bcachefs patches.

git clone

This is slighly more complicated to explain. It's best you look up a tutorial for your specific distribution.

During the configuration make sure you enable CONFIG_BCACHE_FS. To check run grep CONFIG_BCACHE_FS .config in in the kernel source.

Tip if your distro kernel supports it you can extract the .config used by your distribution, by running cat /proc/config.gz | gunzip > /tmp/distro.config.